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Discovery at Development and plasticity in neuroendocrine brain (© Cimino et al, Nature Communications, 2016)

DIU MA2 : a qualifying degree for healthcare professionals working in Alzheimer's Disease field


The ambition is to create a qualifying degree for all physicians aiming at practising in Memory Resources & Research Centres and Memory Clinics.

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In the ageing European population, the increasing prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (ADRD) poses considerable socioeconomic challenges, which have been taken up through unprecedented efforts in basic and clinical research. Major scientific advances in the areas of genetics, biochemistry, neuroimaging and neuroscience have changed the way we think about neurocognitive disorders and increased diagnostic accuracy, especially in early stages. Specialised social care professions and networks have been created to promote ageing in place and assistance of people with dementia and their carers. In the absence yet of efficient neuroprotective treatments, progresses have been made in symptomatic care, both through pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches.

However, efforts should be made to improve diffusion of this ever-growing amount of tools and knowledge. There is a need for harmonisation of clinical practices between Memory Resources & Research Centres and Memory Clinics, as well as between disciplines involved in ADRD care. In this context, a national degree qualifying for ADRD care is much awaited.

The general objectives of the DIU MA2 (ADRD Inter-University Degree) are as follows:

- To define and disseminate a common core of knowledge for all disciplines involved in ADRD care;
- To harmonise the medical practices according to newest clinical practice guidelines and current state of knowledge;
- To break down barriers across the numerous disciplines involved in ADRD care (specialised primary care physicians, geriatricians, neurologists and psychiatrists);
- To promote networking between Memory Resources & Research Centres and Memory Clinics throughout French territory;
- To promote multicentre academic research, participation to clinical trials and national cohorts.

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