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In vivo & in vitro models

Since the huge complexity of brain anatomy and pathophysiology has been thoroughly reported during the last decade, our regional cluster considers the great importance of modeling strategies for Research in Neurosciences. Several brain pathologies such as AD or stroke have been modeled in vivo from various animal strains, combining histological studies with pharmacological and behavioral assessments. Furthermore, our networking activity intended to the decipherment of cellular and molecular mechanisms in connection with the in vivo pathophysiology, stimulates the development or improvement of numerous in vitro models. In addition to current neuronal cell lines, primary or long term cultures of glial cells, smooth muscle cells/pericytes or endothelial cells have been set up to include, as made in vivo, the vascular component of brain diseases in Neurobiology in vitro studies. Some models have even designed original coculture systems, which render the coupling of cellular events defining the neurovascular unit.