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Experimental electrophysiology

Electrophysiological cellular investigations of the neurogliovascular unit could be investigated on animal models of neurological diseases. Two electrophysiology platforms are located in the Alzheimer & Tauopathies, UMR 837 Inserm (Dr Luc Buée) and in the Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular Pathologies EA1046 (Prof Régis Bordet) departments. Electrophysiological investigations on isolated cells (freshly dissociated or cultured) from neuronal or vascular origins with different patch-clamp configurations or synaptic plasticity with LTP and LTD investigations on mouse or rat brain slices as well as neuronal ionic current recordings in brain slices (Dr S. Humez UMR 837, Dr M. Bastide EA1046) could be conducted.

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Whole-cell patch-clamp setup for current recordings on  isolated cells investigations


LTP, LTD and ionic currents measurements on brain slices

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