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Cognitive & affective sciences laboratory

The SCALab, directed by Yann Coello and under the supervision of Lille 2 and Lille 3 Universities and CNRS, is born at the beginning of 2015. This Research Unit (UMR) aims to group, in one laboratory with common scientific interests, researchers and doctors coming from research teams with complementary topics (the study of cognitive and affective processes involving the visual modality), discipline (SHS and Neurosciences) and institutional (Lille 2 & Lille 3 Universities, Lille University Hospital ‘CHU’ and CNRS).

The scientific program of the Unit for Research in Cognition and affective Sciences concerns the modeling of cognitive and emotional processes determining the behavior of normal and pathological individuals, and the study of conditions for the emergence of this behavior.

The research programs focus on the question of relations between perception, action and cognition in the setting up of appropriate behavior, well as the role of emotions and reinforcement contingencies in their regulation. Specifically, these issues are addressed in the areas of spatial cognition and motor (team Perception, Action, Communication), processing of written language (Team Psychology of Language Acquisition and dysfunction), control attitudes and states emotional in social context (team Family, Health, Emotion) and relationships learning development (team Dynamics of Change in behavior and learning). To do this, a set of methods of behavioral and physiological measures at peripheral and cerebral is used. In addition, research is facilitated by the sharing of tools to measure the behavior in a technology platform (M-space). Developed research has developed a strong application in the health sector (mental health, somatic or neuropsychological) and in education sector (characterization and treatment of conduct disorder and acquisitions).



Laboratory’s name
Research in cognition and affective sciences - SCALab UMR CNRS 9193 (CNRS, LILLE 2, LILLE 3).
Head of the lab
Yann Coello / Pierre Thomas
Contact DN2M
Yann Coello – Emmanuelle Fournier
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+33 3 20 41 60 32
Université Charles-de-Gaulle Lille II - Domaine universitaire du Pont de Bois- BP 149- 59653 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex - France