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Animal and human behavior assessment

Neuropsychology is a field of psychology that interests in the study of the relations between brain and behavior. The neuropsychologist assesses the human cognitive functioning and tries to understand its disturbances. To do this, we realize psychological interviews and neuropsychological assessments in healthy volunteers and brain-damaged patients. During theses exams, we test memory, attention, language, reasoning, decision making, and so on, by using standardized cognitive tests. The assessment usually takes place with “paper and pencil” tests (like the ADAS-cog for a global assessment) and computerized tests (for example, the CANTAB battery, that assesses among other things memory, attention and executive functioning) that permit to obtain more sensible response time measures. The neuropsychologist is also interested in evaluating behavioral and affective changes (like depression, anxiety and apathy), usually by using questionnaires, addressed to the patient or a close relative.

Figure 1: CANTAB battery